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Hey! Hello! Album Review

*Disclaimer* First of all I know that album reviews are supposed to be impartial but as a long standing fan of Gingers and The Wildhearts recorded output as well as being a member of the ever lovely All Things Wildhearts Facebook group that was never gonna happen. *Disclaimer*
To say I was a bit excited about finally getting to hear this record is a bit of an understatement. You see as with a lot of other people I payed for this record way back in August of this year as it was part of Ginger’s second Pledge Campaign. The first campaign resulted in the brilliant triple album 555%  and was the reason that this second campaign  was able to go ahead. 
Hey! Hello! is a collaboration between Ginger Wildheart and Victoria Liedtke which was brought about by two things. First of all the resounding success of 555% and secondly the resulting love for the combination of Ginger’s and Victoria Liedtke’s voices. Without these two factors Hey! Hello! would probably never have been conceived, at least in this form.
The resulting record is a glorious set of ten short sharp pop rock gems. 
The album opens with Black Valentine which opens with a sparkling delayed soaked riff before bursting into a chunky power chord infested verse. It’s a song that seems to be about needing time to yourself on occasion but that it’s okay to feel that. And that seems to be the unifying theme throughout the album as although it’s a generally upbeat album it does deal with some downbeat themes before saying that “Hey! But that’s okay! We’ve all been there.” In fact the next song Feral Days contains the lyric “Hey! It’s okay! Not all days can be beautiful days!” and coupled with the poppy and chirpy nature of the song you can’t help but be uplifted.
Why Can’t I Be Me Without You is a song that bleeds pop hooks and ridiculous harmonies and you can’t help but be sucked in. Swimwear comes next and is one of the songs that fans will be slightly familiar with as two video teasers for this song has already appeared online.Safe to say it doesn’t disappoint, and because the teasers had contained two distinct hooks I honestly didn’t think there’d be room for anymore but the song manages to squeeze one more into the verse.
The next to songs speed by on adrenaline and harmonies. Burn The Rule Book (Fuck It) and Lock For Rock (And Other Sporting Cliches) both follow the same blueprint for muscular life affirming pop rock with catchy as hell riffs.
Up next is The Thrill Of It All and it marks the only real dip in the energy on the whole album with melodies that don’t seem to have the same pep and a melody that takes a few listens to worm it’s way into your skull. On the first listen it seems inferior because the pace of the album and has been so relentless and the sound so sunny it’s a bit of sharp comedown, but repeated listens will tell you to stop being so daft. As soon as The Thrill… finishes fans will be greeted by a very familiar riff as How I Survived The Punk Wars was made available as a video at the beginning of November.
The song is Ginger doling out some friendly advice to bands who have asked him how they can become successful and the answer seems to be work hard and has the song says “Ask lots of questions, don’t eat the bullshit”
I’m Gonna Kiss You Like I’m Going Away is a song about being away from your family and how much you realise just how much you love them when faced with the more mundane aspects of touring. Again awash with sunny harmonies and relentless hooks the song beats you over the head with its insistence on being your favourite song on the album since the last one.
Now on the whole the album so far has comprised of short perfectly formed pop rock gems rarely getting beyond the three and a half minute mark, and fans of Ginger will know he’s not afraid of a sprawling epic sometimes stretching to eleven minutes (the infamous Sky Babies from The Wildhearts Fishing For Luckies album) and closer We’re Outta Here is the closest Hey! Hello! comes. With it’s poppy verse and grandiose chorus which has, dare I say it, proggy elements towards the end it’s like one of the aforementioned sprawling epics condensed into a five minute song about bees.
Yes, bees.
Apparently the song is about how bees are buggering off away from the planet before it becomes completely uninhabitable. Very prog, very sci fi, very bees.
In the end Hey! Hello! is the perfect record to make you feel like it isn’t freezing outside and let you bask in the sun emanating from your speakers.
What Mutation has in store is anyone’s guess.
In the mean time ‘Enjoy The Honey’. 
Hey! Hello! is released on the 22nd of July through round records
GO HERE heyhello.net
Or if you’re all digital you can pre-order it here